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We are glad to inform you the new generation ATX MB AIMB-707 has been launched.  AIMB-707 supports the 10th Gen....
il gen 19, 2021 | da Sysma Elettronica
ADVANTECH PPC-324W w/ Apollo Lake & Kabylake, two new 24" weapons to catch Factory IT/MES biz trend
It’s our pleasure to introduce our bigger screen sizes for Factory IT/MES application scenario, as requested by the...
il nov 12, 2020 | da Sysma Elettronica
MIC-730 Xavier 16G EOL and replaced by 32G
For immediately release, Advantech is announcing the End of Life (EOL) of MIC-730AI-00A1 part numbers due to NVIDIA...
il nov 12, 2020 | da Sysma Elettronica


Scritto il: nov 6, 2020 | Da: Sysma Elettronica

MOTIEN Technology offers a complete product series of isolated DC/DC converters with regulated output voltage. The new NA3W is having DIP 8 package with 4:1 regulated single & dual output with output power 3W and additional features such as continuous short circuit protection and Remote on/off control functions! All models are CE certification approved!

3W 4:1 Regulated

The NA3W series is a family of cost effective and high performanced 3W single & dual output DC-DC converters. These converters are built in non-conductive black plastic package in a 8-pin DIL miniature compact  case with high performance features wide range devices operate over 4:1 input voltage range providing stable output voltage. Devices are encapsulated using flame retardant resin. Input voltages of 12, 24, 48 Vdc with output voltage of 3.3, 5, 12, 15, ±5, ±12, ±15 Vdc. High performance features include high efficiency operation up to 84% and output voltage accuracy of ±1% maximum.


● Ultra Wide 4:1 Input Range
● 1600VDC Isolation
● Efficiency up to 84%
● Extended Operation Temperature Range-40~80°C
● Continuous Short Circuit Protection
● Under Voltage Lockout
● Remote On/Off Control
● High Power Density:3W in DIL-8 Package

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